Bring Life To Downtown Homestead

Downtowns are iconic and powerful symbols for a city. Homestead is ready for a booming downtown and with the right planning and leadership, Homestead can finally have the entertainment district where residents can live, work, play and thrive. A great Downtown is an essential part of any thriving community. The residents of Homestead desire a vibrant Downtown having a mix of local businesses, shops, restaurants, and cafes that reflect the historic character and culture of our community. My Bold-New-Vision for Downtown Homestead intends to incentivize businesses and attract high-end quality rooftop restaurants, cafes, and shops by streamlining the permitting process, reimbursing impact fees, and leverage Homestead’s Community Redevelopment District funds to reduce the initial capital investment for businesses looking to expand to Homestead. To further stimulate Downtown, we need to promote smart, sustainable, Mix-Use and Transit oriented development (with amenities) to create walkability and bikeable areas easy to navigate with wide sidewalks for outdoor dining. A thriving downtown Homestead will create business creativity, cultural art festivals, neighborhood activism, start-up entrepreneurs, economic diversity, and becomes an attraction for visitors.

1. Traffic Management through Smart Cities

Homestead’s rapidly increasing population has caused traffic issues in recent years. Our city needs to implement the use advanced technology to make the City more efficient, sustainable, and connected. With the use sensors, data analytics, and intelligent transportation systems, the city can develop predictive models that forecast traffic patterns giving Homestead the ability to optimize traffic flow and improve mobility to proactively manage traffic before it occurs. Keep in mind, Homestead residents prefer a Metro Rail system as an alternative when commuting to Miami, however, due to cost and time to complete a full rail system, Homestead voted in favor of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) considering the cost savings and time to build and operate. I will always favor any rail system looking to come to Homestead to transport residents north.

2. Housing Affordability

Previous development patterns implemented by previous leaders have lowered our quality of life and are destroying our character. We need to create vibrant, mixed-use developments that combine residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. This approach involves creating compact, walkable, and bikeable neighborhoods/communities around transit stations which helps reduce traffic congestion and dependence on cars.

3. Employment Opportunities

Emphasizing on economic development stimulates growth, boost local economy, and attracts new businesses. Homestead needs to focus on creating jobs and better employment opportunities which will ultimately generate additional tax revues to fund additional police officers, public service works, and infrastructure improvements.

4. Modernizing Homestead

Homestead can modernize the city and still maintain its historic charm by implementing temporary, low-cost interventions to transform public spaces. Examples of this can be pop-up parks, food truck rallies, farmers markets, bike lanes, and outdoor seating areas. This approach allows for experimentation and community engagement in the design of our underutilized spaces. It's a commonsense approach allowing for exciting projects to commence now

5. Public Safety

Public safety is one of the most essential assets for a city and it is a fundamental responsibility of local governments to protect the safety and well-being of their residents. I intend to ensure Homestead has the adequate number of officers required to protect our city given Homestead’s increasing population.

Vote Julio Guzman!

Homestead needs an ambitious, forward thinking transformational leader. Let’s change the 1913 way of thinking. That clearly hasn't worked well. The City deserves more. It’s time for a new way of doing things.