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Julio Guzman

Julio Guzman has lived in Homestead most of his life working tirelessly to build a successful business and raise a family with his wife Emily Guzman and their 3 children. He was elected Vice-Mayor for the City of Homestead in 2021 having previously served as a Councilman appointed to serve out the term of a vacant seat in 2019. As a licensed Real Estate Broker since 2005, Julio is recognized for his contributions to the City and has proven to place precedence on the needs of the residents to enhance the quality of life in Homestead.

Julio is committed to continuing his efforts to resolve important issues such as bringing higher paying jobs, revitalize downtown, improve traffic & infrastructure, and clean up the overall appearance of Homestead. Julio wants the residents to take pride in being from Homestead. He’s proven to work well with all parties to find common sense solutions to move Homestead forward. Julio attained an (MBA) Masters degree in Business Administration from Florida International University in 2013 

Our Future For Homestead

Julio Guzman envisions a vibrant downtown with a mix of local businesses, shops, and restaurants that reflect the community's character. He plans to incentivize businesses through streamlined processes and funding support, while promoting smart, sustainable, and transit-oriented development for walkability and outdoor dining. Implementing advanced technology for traffic management and supporting alternative transportation options are priorities. Economic development, modernization of public spaces, and ensuring public safety are also key goals. 

Traffic Management

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Housing Affordability

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Employment Opportunities

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Modernizing Homestead

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